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-The atmosphere or circumstance in which a person,animals or plants stay or carry on their life-processes
-The globe,mother nature affected by human activity

Environment is the surrounding.It is an essential natural process or an result of happenigs.It can be both positive an negative.It is actually the environment that creates things.The sun,earth,moon,deserts,ice and jungles.Together they made an environment.

I believe that the environment does not belongs to us.It belongs to every living things on Earth.(Plants,Animals)
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Thus,we must cherish it.To turn the beautiful and peaceful environment everyone one of us loves.Let's do our part today!!!

-Built environment-a human environment where men carry out their human activities,a urban environment,cities,modern,capitol

-Environment(biophysical)-refers to the wild,nature

-Environment(systems)-a cycle which substances like energy,water and nutrients are used and then break down and back to the soil again.

-Environmental Arts-it refers to the environment of the arts and arts handling the ecological issues

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-Environmental psychology

-Environment Quality

-Environmental Science


-Knowledge Environment

-Natural Environment

-Social Environment

-Computer environment

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