Monday, January 18, 2010


ADMT means to me a totally new subject which i had NEVER studied in my primary school.It is so interesting and fun unlike normal Art and Crafts lesson which is just DRAWING.The next lesson,still Drawing.But for ADMT, it is completely different,there is a combination of Art and Technology.In which,we can use a different approach to teach art.

Well,I think that the attitude a student should have should be interested in ADMT.Without Interest, the student would not do the work willingly.When the students do not do their work willingly,they would do a bad job for it.

My aspiration for ADMT is to do well in every discussion.I think I should work on it!!!
How?I would give it with my best shot!!!!

Without Design,we would not be able to build anything since the Design is POOR.The building would collapse and noting would be built.
Without Technology,there would be nothing.No Cars.No clothes.NO NOTHING.

So,I think without ADMT,we would be no different like CAVEMAN in the PAST.

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