Thursday, March 25, 2010

The visit to NEWater

1.What are the 3 key takeaways from today’s visit?
-how the new water factory works and how is the product produced
-the technology behind NEWater
-the history of the singapore water story
-understand the sucess behind singpore's water
2. Name 2 concepts that you have learnt today during the visit.
-reverse osmosis
-UV disinfection
3. What is the 1 interesting thing that you have learnt today?
-How the reverse osmosis work
4. What are the things that you can do to help with water conservation in Singapore?
-Save water
-Collect rainwater for handwash or flushing
-Check out for any leakage of water
-Turn off taps when not in use

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Photography skills(NOT BAD RIGHT?)


Well,I had taken 7 photos.ALL of them too good liao....Don't know put which one....(blame it on my very good photography skills)

This is my FIRST photo taken with Mr Richard Koh.We ask his permission first when the stall owner was asking for his owner.He asked:''Why do you want to take my photo?''.I and Jing Heng put a lot of compliment :''Because you very handsome!!''.Thats how he agreed.Actually the others except me and Jing Heng did not ask for his permission though he only agreed to take ours only,taking his photos without asking themselves.How smart is that?

Well,this story is the same as the first photo,the same scenario but different people .They agreed immediately once we asked.Quite a nice one isn't it?

Ah ha!!This is Kristin(obviously),the vice-chairman,she was taking a photo of me and I was taking a photo of her.SO funny!!We are both using the phone camera. I guess she also took a photo of me with my eyes covered by the camera.HEHE!!

This is the GUY with the funniest face in class.He is eugene but i called him genie.As calling him genie is more cute .Anyway,He don't mind at all.We made a contract(sort of)a photo for a photo in exchange,a photo of is ''handsome'' face and a photo of ME!!(the pink guy)

This is a photo of the canteen stall owners.He agreed readily when we ask him.He said:''Why do people take photo of me?''I guess he is very popular.Sometimes it is good to be popular.I think this photo is uniquely ME and Jing Heng as we were the only 2 in class that requested for their photos while others were taking photos of each other.I think I should take the photo of the food too so that you will start to DROOL...

This is the most handsome man I had ever took in these post.He is Mr Soh.I know that he is very handsome and posts like SUPER MODEL.I think he should sign up for Singapore Idol.Anyway,Clarabelle and Michelle was asking for a photograph of him.He agreed and I started snapping which attract a lot of people's attention and after that they were snapping photograph of him as if he is a SUPER STAR.

This is my principal.He is Mr Chua.I was unexpectedly walking out of the canteen when i saw my friends requesting a photo of him that when it attracts the crowd and how i got my photo of him.


Today,which is 11th of February.We are hosting our ''World Male Top Model 2010'' in Singapore in SST.Tourists have come from all over the world to see this particular event.

The canteen stall owners are selling a wide variety of food and drinks for tourists or spectators to eat or drink in the stadium where the event took place.

The canteen owners are busy preparing the food,grabbing this opportunity to make a lot of $$$$(money).

This is our backstage stuff eating so that they have energy to adjust the lighting,sound,speakers volume and so on....

This one of the spectators buying a drink before the show.

At around 1 hour before the show,we have a few reporters in the canteen before the show busy snapping pictures.

This is our first reporter from Strait Times.I think the company is very ''KIA SU'' because she came 3 hours before the show.Unlike the other reporters which came 1 hours before the show.

This is our spokesperson for the ''World Male Top model 2010 Singapore''.''Ladies and Gentleman.We are definitely honored to see all of you attending this fashion show in SST singapore.Today we have two contestants,one from Germany and the other from Singapore.Who will win this $10 billion dollar prize money.''
''Lets's welcome our fist contestant,Mr Chua from Geramny.''

Mr Chua starts to pose.

''Here's our next contestant,Mr Soh from Singapore''says the spokesperson.

Mr Soh entered the stadium and starts to pose like a SUPER MODEL and left the stage with a loud applause from the spectators.

''The Judges have decided that the winner for''World Top Model 2010'' is.................................
Mr Soh from Singapore!!Congratulations Mr Soh ,you are the Model that is taking away our $10 billion dollar Grand Prize'' says the spokesperson.

Mr Soh took the Grand Prize and left HAPPILY.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Different between Isometric,Oblique and Orthographic Drawing


-equal dimensions
-the angles between any two angles in isometric are 120 degrees

-using parallel lines to formed

-projects an objects by joining parallel rays

Applications/Dictionary/Dictionary and Wikipedia


ADMT means to me a totally new subject which i had NEVER studied in my primary school.It is so interesting and fun unlike normal Art and Crafts lesson which is just DRAWING.The next lesson,still Drawing.But for ADMT, it is completely different,there is a combination of Art and Technology.In which,we can use a different approach to teach art.

Well,I think that the attitude a student should have should be interested in ADMT.Without Interest, the student would not do the work willingly.When the students do not do their work willingly,they would do a bad job for it.

My aspiration for ADMT is to do well in every discussion.I think I should work on it!!!
How?I would give it with my best shot!!!!

Without Design,we would not be able to build anything since the Design is POOR.The building would collapse and noting would be built.
Without Technology,there would be nothing.No Cars.No clothes.NO NOTHING.

So,I think without ADMT,we would be no different like CAVEMAN in the PAST.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


adapted from:Applications/dictionary
-The atmosphere or circumstance in which a person,animals or plants stay or carry on their life-processes
-The globe,mother nature affected by human activity

Environment is the surrounding.It is an essential natural process or an result of happenigs.It can be both positive an negative.It is actually the environment that creates things.The sun,earth,moon,deserts,ice and jungles.Together they made an environment.

I believe that the environment does not belongs to us.It belongs to every living things on Earth.(Plants,Animals)
(adapted from: )
Thus,we must cherish it.To turn the beautiful and peaceful environment everyone one of us loves.Let's do our part today!!!

-Built environment-a human environment where men carry out their human activities,a urban environment,cities,modern,capitol

-Environment(biophysical)-refers to the wild,nature

-Environment(systems)-a cycle which substances like energy,water and nutrients are used and then break down and back to the soil again.

-Environmental Arts-it refers to the environment of the arts and arts handling the ecological issues

Other types on wikipedia:

adapted from: policy

-Environmental psychology

-Environment Quality

-Environmental Science


-Knowledge Environment

-Natural Environment

-Social Environment

-Computer environment

Some other words to rephrase the original words come from:


Pink-own words

Red-Refrence source

Yellow-copied from source